The Secret To Losing Weight Is Eating

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The Art of the “Sneal®”

Although it may sound counterintuitive it’s a fact. “The secret to losing weight is eating.” says Dr. Ray Powell M.D. board certified bariatrician and Physician Nutrition Specialist and founder of his Physician’s Plan Weight Management practice and CarbEssentials stores.

Those fighting to take off (and keep off) those extra pounds often make the critical mistake of skipping breakfast, eating little or no lunch then consuming a high calorie, high carbohydrate and fat laden dinner. In the alternative, in lieu of 3 meals many dieters consume numerous traditional American snacks throughout the day. Both of these practices wreak havoc on your metabolism and result in weight gain vs. weight loss.

“In the process of teaching and convincing someone to eat to lose weight, they need to learn about the concept of eating more often with higher quality.” says Dr. Powell. To help his patients get a handle on the right way to eat Dr. Powell created the concept of the “Sneal®” — not a snack, not a meal but a small portion of delicious and nutritious food that should be consumed 5-6 times a day or more that satisfies and simultaneously optimizes ones metabolism to burn calories from fat.

Warning: Make sure not to confuse a “snack” for a Sneal®.

When Americans think of eating small portions over the course of the day they usually think of traditional American snacks. The American food industry has devised thousands of seemingly harmless snacks that are loaded with fat, calories, white sugar, and bad carbohydrates. These ingredients make for good taste but function to jack up your blood sugar and don’t satisfy your appetite or nutritional needs.(Snack = Junky Carbs + Fat). 

Sneals®, on the other hand, range from 60 to 250 calories and are made from good carbohydrates such as fruits and veggies and lean proteins. (Sneal® = Good Carb + Lean Protein) or just a lean protein (Sneal® = Lean Protein). The calorie amount is dependent on the metabolism of the person but since it is smaller than a meal a Sneal® needs to be eaten every 2 to 3 hours. Sneals® are quick, convenient, portable, single-serving, and tastes really good. Sneals® are designed to keep the blood sugars level by providing the body with at least an equal amount of a complex carbohydrate and an equal amount of a very high quality lean protein or just a lean protein source. Sneals® suppress hunger and give you more energy while simultaneously optimizing your metabolism to burn calories and fat. Ergo, The secret to losing weight is eating!

The problem is Sneals® can be hard to find in today’s grocery and convenience stores. So over the past 15 years Dr. Powell has scoured the United States and curated a collection of 700-plus Sneals® his patients and other dieters can easily access and enjoy. A majority of the products are medical grade, but a growing number of products are from the sports nutrition and unique niche industries. All products are taste tested by his family, employees and patients. So visit or a CarbEssentials store near you so you can load up on Sneals® and start eating now to lose weight. You can learn more about Dr. Powell, MD and Snealing® at and