Sneal® – A New Word

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The Definition of a Sneal®

The word Sneal is a new word that yours truly (Dr. Ray Powell) came up with to describe a new way of eating and a way of describing the quality of nutrition to my patients. I use the word as a test with my patients/staff/practitioners to see if they are learning something and WE as a total team effort are teaching them something as they go through our programs from weight loss to weight maintenance. I want them to learn that from this time forward a “Snack” is a dirty word and should never be used again.

It is a dangerous concept created by the American Food Industry. “Snacking” is what has made the American population as overweight and obese as it is.So the first thing I need to do is define a SNACK.The “American SNACK” is usually an American ‘white carbohydrate’ (junk) and/or a fat.{Snack = Junky Carb +/or Fat}The American food industry (grocery store) does not feed us SNEALS.They feed us snacks that have HUGE amount of calories, high in simple, white, sugary, bad carbohydrates. These jack your blood sugar through the ROOF and just to top it off they add in as much FAT as they can to make it REALLY taste good. No more SNACKING!!!The Physician’s Plan “SNEAL” good carbohydrate (fruits and veggies) AND a LEAN Protein.{Sneal = Good Carb + Lean Protein}OR –Just a LEAN Protein. {Sneal = Lean Protein}{Range 60 to 250 calories/sneal}SNEALING ”How to do it?” When patients are first learning how to SNEAL and are in the process of losing weight they are started on very high quality SNEALS from the nutritional store that I have created for myself, my family, friends and for my patients and customers. The store is called Carbessentials: The Easy Way to Eat Right, because Carbs are essential!!! But so is protein and a small amount of fat.What I have done, essentially, is I have become the ‘purchasing agent’ for products that fit all the requirements to become a SNEAL. I initially started with the medical nutritional companies that provide prescription nutritional products to physicians for a medically safe weight loss. I continue to search for unique products from specialized companies that cater to a growing variety of nutritional niches. I have even tapped into the body building industry and have found some excellent products that fit my requirements perfectly.So to review the concept again, a SNEAL is designed to be a small (60 to 250 calories), convenient, portable, quick, easy, and high quality morsel of food that you eat every 2 to 3 hours.It is designed in such a way nutritionally to keep the blood sugars leveled by providing the body with at least an equal amount of a complex carbohydrate and an equal amount of a very high quality lean protein or just a lean protein source if desired. What this also does is suppresses hunger and gives you more energy. People that just try to eat only high protein are not getting enough immediate energy because their bodies immediate carbohydrate stores have been depleted and if they don’t feed themselves any carbohydrates (i.e. trying to Adkins Diet) they will feel low energy and like they are running on empty. SNEALING every 2 to 3 hours with nutritional products that have been hand-picked for you by someone with the scientific and medical background and intense desire to continue to learn and research nutrition is an added plus. When you look at nutritional products that are sold at the retail stores, BUYER BEWARE!!! Not all products are created equal and many of these so-called “nutritional products” are basically expensive looking candy bars. So keep looking at my website, I am always adding new products as I continue to find them in my journeys.