Are you looking for a quick fix?

We're sorry to tell you that it doesn't exist. If you are honest, serious, and willing to make some important changes to support and enhance long-term wellness, we are here to support you with our medical expertise and encouragement. We've been through it ourselves. Join us and the many people who are achieving success with Physician's Plan.

Change Today

"I just woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore."

Jennifer worked with Dr. Powell and his team at Physician’s Plan over the course of a year to lose the weight. It wasn’t easy. Over time, Jennifer developed not only an increased confidence in herself and in her appearance, she also developed an interest in nutrition, and now makes her own Sneals from grocery store food. Thanks to her efforts and to the expertise and guidance of Dr. Powell, Jennifer is living a better life than ever before.

In this video Dr. Powell appears on NorthState Health and discusses Jennifer’s successful journey through weight loss and into a healthier lifestyle with the help of his Physician’s Plan weight management program. Listen and watch Jennifer tell her story of what this transformation has done for her and her family:

What I would say to someone who’s thinking about going to Physician’s Plan and starting Snealing is, “Go now!” Don’t waste another month. Don’t think about the short term and what you’re going to have to sacrifice or what you won’t get. Instead think of what it’s going to give you.
— Jennifer

We Can Help You Change Today

If you are honest, serious and willing to make some important changes to support and enhance permanent wellness, we’re here to help.

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