Watch the videos below to hear Dr. Powell explain Snealing® in his own words:

What Is Snealing®?

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What is a Sneal®? Dr. Powell Explains

Dr. Ray Powell explains the history of the Sneal® and how Snealing® can be an essential part of eating right to lose weight. Includes insight into the essential role of carbs in a low fat, high protein diet.

Is it ‘Sneal-Approved®?’

Dr. Powell tells how he finds and tests weight loss food items to determine if they are “Sneal-Approved®.”

How Dr. Powell lost 75 pounds through Snealing®

Learn how Dr. Powell developed the Sneal® from his own personal story: serving in Desert Storm, going to medical school, working as an emergency room physician, and as Medical Director of Physicians Plan Weight Management Medical Clinic.

History of CarbEssentials

Dr. Powell tells how his CarbEssentials stores and the line of Sneal-Approved® products developed out of his family’s weight management medical office.

Examples of Sneals®

Dr. Powell gives an informative introduction to the many types of Sneal-Approved® products available at CarbEssentials and the variety of benefits they offer in addition to helping with weight loss. Includes discussion of lactose-free and gluten-free products, and how some of their products can benefit cancer patients, diabetics and children with autism.