Not Local? Not a Problem.

Dr. Powell has introduced Telehealth to his medical weight loss practice.  Telehealth is a way of seeing and treating his patients that have moved away or live at a distance that makes it very difficult to be seen physically in the office.

Teleheath utilize “videoconferencing” using different formats (Skype, FaceTime, or GoToMeeting) so that Dr. Powell and the patient can physically see each other during their appointment.  It cannot be done by telephone, email, or texting.

The patient has to have had their initial appointment physically in one of our offices but then Telehealth appointments can be set up after that initial appointment. There are specific instructions and requirements that the patients has to agree to do that increases accountability and continued success.


If you are a current TeleHealth patient please call 530-222-5459 (ext. 1) to get scheduled.