Snealing® Instead Of Snacking

I have a “Golden Rule” that I say probably 50 to 100 times per day: The Lower You Go in Nutrition, The More Often You Need to Eat and The Higher Quality It Needs To Be.
— Dr. Powell

In the process of teaching and convincing someone to EAT to lose weight, they learn about the concept of eating more often with higher quality. That is why I created this new word: Sneal®. If you have read my article about Snealing® you understand how bad a snack can be and how many calories a snack and a meal can have in them. Their nutrition can also be very bad. 


For most of our lifestyles we need nutrition that is Quick, Convenient, Portable, Single-Serving, and Tastes really good. That is really hard to find in today’s grocery and convenience stores. So in the last 15 years, I have found over 1,000 Sneals® for my patients from specialty food companies that make products that fit into my definition of a Sneal®.

Know I am a realist. I know that my patients won’t be able to survive just on “my Sneals®.” So I have to teach them how to make “grocery Sneals®.” So let’s see, if you were to go up to the manager of a grocery store and ask him where the Sneal® aisle is, he/she would look at you like you had 10 heads. There is no such aisle. So you will have to make Sneals® from grocery food.

The Sneal® is not just one food.  It is a concept of how your body works with you or against you, and so can food.  It is an entire curriculum that we teach through your weight loss journey with us.  To truly make you an expert.  Just remember the food industry is not your "friend"!!  They are there to make a multi-billion profit by feeding you cheap food "Snacks" that makes you want more of it.

No More Snacking!!