Snealing® Your Way to a Healthy Weight and Better Nutrition

A “Sneal®” is a small portion of delicious and nutritious food that should be consumed 5-6 times a day or more, and satisfies while simultaneously optimizing one’s metabolism to burn calories from fat. Unlike traditional snacks that are loaded with fat, calories, white sugar, and bad carbohydrates, Sneals® are made from good carbohydrates such as fruits and veggies and lean proteins and range from 60 to 250 calories each. Sneals® need to be eaten every 2 to 3 hours to sustain a person’s caloric intake needs. Because of this, they are designed to be quick, convenient, portable, available in a single-serving, and taste great.

Sneals® are also designed to keep the blood sugars level by providing the body with at least an equal amount of a complex carbohydrate and an equal amount of a very high quality lean protein or just a lean protein source. Sneals® suppress hunger and give you more energy while and simultaneously optimizing your metabolism to burn calories from fat. Because of this, Sneals® are a critical component to any successful weight management effort.