Sarah R.

"Dr. Powell’s program helped me lose over 150 pounds. More importantly, it’s going to help me keep it off. 

I was able to do it with the support and encouragement from all the staff at Dr. Powell’s, the help from Cynthia who supported me and taught me about proteins, the use of Sneals, and learning to count calories. The food log has been a big tool that helped me lose weight. The internet site is wonderful. It’s a free site; it’s easy to use; and it keeps track of all the foods you log each day. It keeps information on the proteins, fats, and carbs in each meal and Sneals. I log my activities for each day. I exercise every 3 days at the gym and work out on my stationary bike at home. The exercise has helped me lose weight and made me feel good about how I feel about myself. The use of medications to control my appetite cravings, the B vitamin shots and the vitamin supplements all have helped me lose weight. 

I’ve lost weight before with the use of just medications, but that was just a temporary fix. The weight came back! What I’ve learned is to eat the right foods, (“no more fast foods”), and control my portion size. I buy my own food so it’s what I like and what I want to eat. I can save money by buying Sneals and foods at the CarbEssentials store (you can save 10% on items if you are a current patient). There is a cost for the appointments, medication and buying Sneals but I see it as an investment in my future great health."