Food Amnesia

Food/Eating Amnesia

Eating Amnesia Comes In Two Forms.

1. Eating something and forgetting that you ate it and not writing  it in the  log at all.

Classic examples: 
-A handful of jelly beans (or any candy) out of the candy jar.
-Three french fries off your child's plate.
-A bite of hot fudge sundae from your spouse’s dish.
-Forgetting you had a piece of bread from the bread basket.
-Not thinking the creamer in your coffee needs to be recorded. 
2. Forgetting how big the portion was when you go back later to log your food.

-Estimating 1 tbsp of mayo on your sub, but really squirted on 4 tbsp. 
-Writing down a small cookie for 80 calories and it was really 250 calories.
-Thinking your bagel was 250 calories, but it is really 340 calories. 
-Estimating that you ate 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes but it was really 1 cup.
-Thinking you only used 1 tbsp of oil to dip your bread, but really soaked up 3 tbsp’s. 
Eating amnesia is not conscious and can really be a cause of major frustration for a lot of people who are trying to lose weight.