Fresh Fruits & Veggies Month


June is Fresh Fruits and Veggies month. Some "diet plans" will tell you that vegetables & fruits are "free" and you can eat all of them and as many as you would like. Everything in moderation! Knowledge is the key, you have to understand what you are eating and what to pair with it. There are several fruits that the American Diabetes Association tells diabetics to limit or avoid because they continue to ripen and sweeten after they are picked. Of course most of these are summer fruits everyone wants to enjoy. Knowing nutritional information on a variety of fruits and veggies is key. It's not that you can't eat them, just not by themselves. Pair them with protein, the amount of protein should be equal to the amount of sugar in the fruit you're consuming. By doing so, you avoid the blood sugar spike. So with fruit, match or pair it with the same amount of lean protein to create a sneal®.