One Woman's Weight Loss Journey...

"My Journey:

In a nutshell I think the program has educated me to a clearer understanding of what my food selections do and how they drive so many other parts of the body and mind.

The beginning was a recommendation from a friend who saw how really unhappy I was and suggested that I give you a try. My unhappiness revolved around life issues (menopause, divorce, low income, work, etc.) and physical issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain, etc.) which all totaled up to one very frustrated woman that felt totally out of personal control. 

As I'm sure that you know, being over weight throws everything into a vicious circle. One issue leading to another and another until you just don't know what to do. Unfortunately, food has always been a comfort when things are out of control. That of course just makes matter worse.

Your dedication to educating your program impressed me enough to stop for a moment and listen. That has allowed me to have quite a different journey than the one that I was on. The program made sense to me. The joke is that it is not "rocket science", but make no mistake in knowing that it is science. I learned why my body needed food and what the different ratio of carbs/protein/fats, etc. were and how they worked together for my gain or my loss. I love that I am now able to apply this learned information to my daily selections in foods. Remarkably I can actually read a the store...of anything and discern whether to buy it or not. The science of how higher protein consumption lowers my hunger and prolongs the time in between meals has been one of my favorite nuggets of gold. And most importantly is the knowledge and determination to keep my blood sugar level by eating every 2-3 hours something of nutritional value.

Because of that alone, I now have all the energy that I need to do whatever the day brings on. It has made a remarkable difference to be physically and mentally in the driver's seat. I now live on an entirely different planet!  My B.P. & Cholesterol levels are so low my personal Dr. said she should give me a medal for doing so well. I tell her it was all in the "sneal".

My appreciation, Sam"